What I need is the dandelion in spring.

-Stephanie. 21. Feminism and literature, for one and for all. (Credit to SilverPatronus on Fanpop for my sidepic).

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sometimes you’ve gotta compliment yourself and just be your own hype squad

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reblog if your sleep schedule is completely messed up and you don’t give a hickity heck

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*points at ur bulge* is this seat taken

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So, on Teen Wolf, Allison died and the very next episode, there was no funeral, hardly any mention of her and it seemed like no one even noticed.

When Prue died on Charmed, she got a funeral and 3 simultaneous episodes dedicated to the sisters mourning, grieving and reeling from the loss. That is how you respect the characters death.

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i think the coolest thing would be to see a new color

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me: i just did 5 squats why am i still fat

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