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congratulations on reading the book before it was made into a film

you win: nothing

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the power of a male’s sexuality is glorified
while a woman’s is to be shunned.
how am i to keep my body as a temple
if i am not its priest?
why is it that you’re preaching
when it’s my faith that you’re teaching
and i’m losing my religion?
shouldn’t i have a word in what’s…

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they say your body is a temple,
what of those with no religion?
my people can’t accept
that i am mine
and not theirs.

faith is subjective,
society is neglecting,
the government keeps forgetting
that my skin and bones
are my own.

i am right by my own right,
no matter what clothes
i happen to have on.
i am not a property
to cast rules upon.

i am a woman,
and with god’s aid or not
no man will ever deny me
the choice of living life
and moving on.


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